Our factory is about 25,000 square feet and located in Taipei, Taiwan.
The factory is fully equipped with modern manufacturing facilities, it is not only production unit, but also functions as a research and development institute.

  Quality Control

Our in-house Q.C. staffs are composed of skilled engineers, technicians and trade inspectors. Our production staffs are also trained to perform Q.C. inspections.
We conduct rigorous and stringent Q.C. inspections starting from incoming materials and each stage of production to after packaging and before delivery.
To further enhance our QC system, we have currently installed a new line of computers. Other facilities are also updated from time to time. We have 40 qualified QC staff.


  Product Development (R&D)


The expertise of our R&D staff lines in computer technology, product design, production efficiency enhancement, as well as market analysis. We emphasize quality, materials used, production technique, and cost-effectiveness.
Furthermore, we develop new products to meet customer and market needs.

  Cutting Section
Cutting Machine:
Taiwan:                  45 Sets.
Mainland China:   32 Sets.

  Welding Section


Welding Machine:
Taiwan:                  22 Sets.
Mainland China:   12 Sets.

  Coating Section
Coating Lines:
Taiwan:                    5 Lines.
Mainland China:   12 Lines.

  Wirewound Section


Wiring Machine:
Taiwan:                    5 Sets.
Mainland China:   12 Sets.




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